‘K-STAR GLOBAL’ Ships BTS GOODS To Global Winners
‘K-STAR GLOBAL’ Ships BTS GOODS To Global Winners
  • Seo Hae
    Seo Hae
  • 승인 2019.05.07 16:10
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The prizes for BTS goods competition event hosted by K-STAR GLOBAL, the K-stars specialized online channel from Finance Today, were shipped today.

In this event, about 50,000 people participated around the globe including countries such as the USA, Japan, China, Vietnam, Philippine, Malaysia, Mexico and Venezuela, and a total of 10 people who consist of top 5 participants with most Likes for their comments and another top 5 participants with the best comments were selected as the winners.

“We are planning to continue proceeding with this series of competition events, with prizes ranging from signed CDs of rookies who want to promote themselves, personal possessions of established artists who are about to make ‘comeback’, promotional products celebs are in commercials for, to sponsored goods appeared in TV shows.”, said Kim Tae Gun, the representative of K-STAR GLOBAL.

The BTS goods event hosted by K-STAR GLOBAL is likely to take place every month.


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