SEOHYUN From GIRLS' GENERATION Signs An Exclusive Contract With Namoo Actors Who Will "Support Materially-And-Mentally."
SEOHYUN From GIRLS' GENERATION Signs An Exclusive Contract With Namoo Actors Who Will "Support Materially-And-Mentally."
  • Seo Hae
    Seo Hae
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Namoo Actors © News 1
Namoo Actors © News 1


Seohyun began her ties with Namoo Actors.


The singer-actress Seohyun signed an exclusive contract with the management agency Namoo Actors, and is preparing to make a leap forward to next level.


Regarding the recruiting of Seohyun, on 7 March a relevant personnel of Namoo Actors made comments; "We are happy to start our ties with Seohyun, who has shown glorious activities across the world as the stage and as a member of the global girl group Girls’ Generation. We will give our full support materially-and-mentally to Seohyun, who has a high potential not only as a singer but an actress too, in order to help her blossom all her enthusiasm and talents for acting". It was also said that they "will actively support singer activities too."


Seohyun, who made debut into the show business in Korea in last 2007 as a member of the group Girls’ Generation, also started on her acting career from 2013 with the TV series 'Passionate Love'. Since then, through 'Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo', 'Bad Thief, Good Thief' and etc, she has diligently continued her acting career without limiting the genre or character roles. In particular, in the TV series 'Time’ aired last year, she gave a passionate performance and received favorable reviews for her acting potentials.


By the way, among the affiliates of Namoo Actors who specializes in the management for actors, there are actors and actresses such as Ji Sung, Yoo Jun Sang, Lee Joon Gi, Moon Geun Young, Chun Woo Hee, Shin Se Kyung, Park Min Young, and Kim Hyang Gi.

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