Candidate Choi Jaehyung. Confused about the April 15 general election.Citizens, "Make a more definite position".
Candidate Choi Jaehyung. Confused about the April 15 general election.Citizens, "Make a more definite position".
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Choi Jae-hyung, a candidate for the presidential election, seems to need a more organized position as he is struggling on his own as he is suspected of illegal elections in the 4.15 general election. 

Candidate Choi released a series of statements on SNS on the 22nd, revealing his thoughts on the 4.15 general election. 

The following is the second full text of candidate Choi Jae-hyung's position on the 4.15 general election. 

There are some people who misunderstand what I think about the 4.15 general election, so I'm telling you again.

Moon Jae-in joaejussi the past, Moon Jae-in, working in the head of the National Election Commission to manage the regime last April 15 general elections, the appointment.This was an act of giving up fair election management on its own. This led to distrust in election management in the right-wing camp and caused division of the right-wing.

Violation of the recount period stipulated by law here has sparked another controversy.I have deep distrust in the intention because this has further aggravated the division of the right-wing camp.

However, the Republic of Korea's election system is still the best in the world.

This excellent and fair election to poorly managed public distrust of the Moon Jae-in, the government to end the system should be responsible.

In addition, we will have to make sure that there will be no mistakes like the last 4.15 general election in next year's presidential election.

All kinds of suspicions are always poured out in voting.

But what I want to say to the people is that you must vote.

In the 18th presidential election in 2012, you, Kim Eo-joon, insisted on a fraudulent election with the ridiculous logic of K value. I even published a book.

However, as these allegations of fraudulent elections led to a drop in turnout, the Democratic Party of Korea put the brakes on Kim Eo-joon's theory of fraudulent elections.

You must vote.

Voting is a citizen's weapon to protect liberal democracy.

I am once again concerned about the poor election management of the Moon Jae-in government that is making me give up on this, and I hope that the election will be managed thoroughly and transparently so that there will be no further misunderstandings in the next presidential election. (The end)

Candidate Choi Jae-hyung pointed out the poor progress of the 4.15 general election and the judiciary's belated response, but also made the wrong argument that Korea's election system is still the best in the world.

In particular, candidate Choi is said to have ended his overall position unnaturally by suddenly mentioning Kim Eo-joon to blur the essence or to make sure to vote.

Some feared that someone in the camp might be inducing confusion and putting the brakes on Choi's active expression of his position on fraudulent elections, saying he did not fully understand the position of citizens who want transparent facts.

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