Biden meets with the private sector on the 13th in the midst of the western port logistics crisis
Biden meets with the private sector on the 13th in the midst of the western port logistics crisis
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As ports in the western United States suffer from logistical disruptions, US President Joe Biden personally meets with private companies and organizations to seek countermeasures.

    White House Press Secretary Jen Saki said at a briefing on the 12th (local time) that "the president will meet tomorrow with the leadership of the Port of Los Angeles, the Port of Long Beach and the International Port and Warehouse Union (ILWU)."

    Saki said the meeting will discuss issues at ports across the United States and the solutions each can take.

    President Biden is expected to give a speech following the meeting.

    Saki also said that the Biden administration will hold a meeting with private companies such as Walmart, UPS and Home Depot on the 13th to discuss ways to respond to the logistics crisis.

    In the United States, the global supply chain disruption caused by the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and the increase in imported cargo ahead of the end of the year are intertwined, creating a serious bottleneck in the entry and unloading of container ships.

    Accordingly, as retailers jumped into securing cargo ships, the expression 'Container-ageddon', a compound word of container and Armageddon, appeared.

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