[Exclusive] You don't have to wear a mask outside.
[Exclusive] You don't have to wear a mask outside.
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Masks cannot be forced on others outdoors for no reason (excluding outdoor performances, sports events, traditional markets, and parks).


Do you know that you can take off your mask on the street?

As quarantine authorities and mainstream media emphasize wearing masks excessively, citizens often mistake that wearing masks indoors as well as outdoors is mandatory.

However, according to our inquiry with the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you do not have to wear a mask outdoors.

In particular, most citizens know that masks must be worn on the street, but in fact, they can take off masks according to their individual choices. You can take off your mask everywhere except for places where many people gather, such as events, performances (sports) venues, traditional markets, etc.

According to the "Announcement of Compliance with the Guidelines for Wearing Masks to Block the Spread of COVID-19" released in July by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Gyeonggi-do, there is no provision to mandate masks outdoors except for crowded places such as events, performances (sports) venues, traditional markets, and parks.

The law that requires masks to be worn outdoors, including downtown streets, mountains behind the neighborhood, quiet hiking trails, open doors and alone cars, and trails, is not in effect anywhere in the country, including the metropolitan area.

In the meantime, after taking off the mask and eating at the restaurant, I wore a mask as I left the restaurant, but in fact, I didn't have to.

In fact, it was not mandatory for citizens to unconsciously wear masks outdoors. Even outdoors, many parents think masks are mandatory, and even children wear masks almost 24 hours a day.

The quarantine authorities and the media are making a fuss, so I thought I would definitely get COVID-19 if I didn't wear a mask, so I was alone on the hiking trail, empty alley, on the way home, riding a bicycle, and running.There are many people who wore masks unconditionally.

They wear outdoor masks for personal quarantine, but many people reluctantly wear outdoor masks because they are worried about how they might look. However, it turned out that masks were not mandatory outdoors except for specific places.

마스크를 벗고 있는 국민의힘 대통령 예비 후보들 

Wearing a mask outdoors is a thorough personal option.

Rather, wearing a mask at all times can easily lead to lung disease, and various side effects can be obtained as oxygen supply to the brain becomes unstable.

In particular, experts say that oxygen supply to infants and children is very important and can affect growth and development, so it is not good to wear masks at all times.

Not a single case has been reported in Korea that a virus that is transmitted by droplets has been infected outdoors. It seems that you can take off your mask outdoors and walk around proudly.

The conclusion is that except for performance halls (parks), stadiums, and traditional markets, you will not be fined or sanctioned even if you take off your mask outdoors. This is because you can take 2m outdoors.

The following is an excerpt of the official letter published by the Seoul metropolitan area and Gyeonggi Province on the obligation to wear masks. The red letters are interpreted by the notice, and please refer to them individually.

마스크를 벗고 있는 민주당 대통령 예비 후보들

To sum up:

( (Obligation to wear a mask) If the distance is not maintained more than 2m from others indoors* and outdoors regardless of the social distancing stage (i.e., if it is possible to maintain a distance of 2m from others, the mask may be taken off).

* Indoor means transportation such as buses, taxis, trains, ships, aircraft, other vehicles, buildings, and all structures separated from the outside.

In conclusion, you can take off your mask outdoors, but you should wear it in places where you can't keep a distance of 2m, such as performance halls, sports facilities, markets, and parks. You can take off your mask at a distance where 2M is sufficiently secured, such as other streets, hiking trails, trails, alleys, Gangnam Station, Gwanghwamun, and Jongno.

Taking off the mask on the street means that there is no reason to be legally or administratively problematic at all, so there is no need to be psychologically intimidated.

Meanwhile, as the COVID-19 crisis prolonged, various suspicions are rising among tired citizens, including suspicions of the effectiveness of masks, inaccuracy of PCR tests, and side effects of vaccines.

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