Who Still Trust CNN? : Domestic Media Copies CNN Without Filtering, Why?"
Who Still Trust CNN? : Domestic Media Copies CNN Without Filtering, Why?"
  • Seyoung In
    Seyoung In
  • 승인 2020.11.11 10:23
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Recently, it turned out that the domestic media unconditionally copied CNN, showing unusual reporting behavior about the US presidential election.

In recent years, CNN, WP (Washington Post), The New York Times, AP, and ABC have been evaluated as left-biased media, and it is a problem because Korean media companies are using the press releases of these left-biased media companies as they are.There are voices saying that a media company that must convey the US local situation fairly is trying to form a pro-Democratic public opinion by just trusting the name of CNN and taking it as it is.

This fact is evident when you search CNN on Naver, the most used news portal by the Korean people, the press is pushing ahead with Biden's victory in a situation where the election results have not yet been announced due to suspicion of illegal election.

In addition, the US mainstream left-leaning media, including CNN, have not reported any related reports even though Trump, the incumbent President, has issued a statement and raised suspicion of unfair elections. It is evaluated that it reveals a serious problem with fairness as a media.

In fact, US President Donald Trump criticized CNN and NBC for reporting biased content against him in 2018, arguing that CEO Jeff Zucker should be fired.US left-biased major media companies' bias toward the US presidential election was revealed even four years ago.

At the time, the biased news agency centered on CNN and the major media also predicted Biden's overwhelming dominance in the recent US presidential election, but the result was bleak. Left-biased mainstream media all instigated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to win over 90% of the time, but the result was Trump's election. Since then, CNN, in particular, has set up an angle with the Trump administration throughout the four years of the Trump administration, showing a tone of criticism.

Regarding CNN's bias, Mr. A, a reporter with 20-year career at KBS, said, "Among the reporters who know, CNN doesn't even hit the press”, criticizing the media. It is that CNN produces news as it is based on the political bias of the leftist and distributes it to the public.

Additionally, while major telecommunications companies around the world, including the mainstream media in the United States, are showing a friendly tone to China Money, there are stories that are extremely reluctant to re-election of Trump in the US. It's no wonder that CNN even stepped up and supported Biden in the US presidential election.

The problem is that they are misleading domestic public opinion by bringing and disseminating CNN articles in the domestic media. In this regard, a number of active reporters said, "It is an impure intention to indoctrinate the people by continuously delivering articles on media that are slanted with a specific political orientation."

According to audience rating research firm Nielsen Media Research (NMR), FOX NEWS ranked first in the audience rating on the day of the US presidential election, which was watched by 57 million people. CNN Broadcasting (9.1 million people) and MSNBC Broadcasting (7.31 million people), known as left-oriented broadcasting stations, ranked second and third in viewer ratings. Among the news channels, ABC recorded the highest number of viewers with 6.3 million, followed by NBC (5.63 million), CBS (4.34 million), and FOX-TV (3.2 million).

Media experts say that most of the major US broadcasters are not free from the breath of Chinese advertisers, and even suspicions have been raised that the Chinese Communist Party's funds were flowing.

In particular, CNN revealed that the Chinese Communist Party's state-run English broadcasting medium is closely related to China International TV (CGTN). It is known that CGTN actively recruits reporters and anchors from CNN to make a friendly report. It is publicly established among journalists that the Chinese Communist Party funds flowed into the head of CNN.

The U.S. Department of State decided that CGTN was not an independent media, but as a Chinese propaganda agency, and designated it as a ``foreign government agency'' this year. After analyzing it, the Department announced, "It seriously violated the standards for compliance with fairness."

Some argue, "It is an old saying that quoting CNN will ensure reliability. Now, when it comes to CNN, I rather wear sunglasses to see it." This is the point of gaining convincing power.

Meanwhile, while the US presidential election is expected to go to the worst scenario of unfair election and election dissatisfaction and eventually proceed to the Supreme Court lawsuit, it is evaluated that CNN and other left-wing media are rushing to support Biden’s presidency.

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