Made in korea. Hand Sanitizer' Noble Hand' Contains the Aesthetics of Sharing: A Talk With Bounce Company
Made in korea. Hand Sanitizer' Noble Hand' Contains the Aesthetics of Sharing: A Talk With Bounce Company
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    Seo Hae
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Noble Hand Sanitizer is made in Korea and has officially registered on FDA OTC. We are pleased to meet the Bounce Company to share about the aesthetics of Noble Hand.

Personal hygiene is being repeatedly emphasized as COVID-19 storms across the globe. As a result, several protective items are becoming necessities in everyday life and among them, the hand sanitizer is vital. I had the opportunity to talk with the Bounce Company, which manufactures and sells component-focused hand sanitizers

- Please introduce yourself.

Hello! I'm Hyuk-Su Chang, General Director of Bounce Company, and I am the manufacturer and seller of Noble Hand sanitizers.

Left-zone photo Jang Hyuk-soo (21 years old)


- The company's name seems very energetic. Please introduce the Bounce Company.

Bounce Company operates a kid’s cafe called Zoo Bounce Club Trampoline Park with branches in Busan and Gimpo for parents and their beloved children. During the outbreak of COVID-19, we saw customers having difficulty obtaining sanitary products such as hand sanitizers and masks and thought, "Is there anything we can do to help?" Eventually, we decided to produce and distribute our own hand sanitizers. However, as the pandemic showed signs of being prolonged, I thought our efforts were not enough and decided to make, launch and distribute a hand sanitizer brand with the name of "Noble Hand."

- The name really reminds us of our noble hand. What's unique about "Noble Hand" hand sanitizers?

We are confident that Noble Hand embodies the best ingredients and quality. With only the necessary ingredients, it has both disinfecting and moisturizing effects. It is mainly composed of natural mint scent, aloe vera leaf extract, and green tea extract, which helps to moisturize your hands and give them a refreshing feeling. Furthermore, Noble Hand comes in a large size of 500ml so consumers can use it sufficiently. 

- What made you focus on the "Noble Hand" hand sanitizer?

I thought a lot about what kind of business customers would need and value in the current situation. I ultimately decided it was my mission to ship Noble Hand hand sanitizers to many places to resolve the supply crisis and serve as a sponsor to those in desperate need. We will strive to return the love we have received for three years through Noble Hand.

- Where can Noble Hand hand sanitizers be obtained?

Fortunately, many places recognized and appreciated the value of Noble Hand after its launch so we feel very proud. A few representative examples of our various sellers include the Federation of Professional Economic-person Societies, PC Bang Association, NC Department Store Haeundae Branch, Monster Pass, Baby Elephant Shopping, Marine Police Station, U.S. Army Camp Humphreys, Dong-A University of Science, Kangwon National University, Pusan Women's University, Pusan National University of Arts, Namyang Dairy, Shinhan Card, Say Bebe, Khealience, Vivian Busan Sajik Branch, and First Distribution. All of their support gives us the motivation to push further to reach our goal.

- We've heard that a hand sanitizer TF project is in progress.

The members of Bounce Company who first produced and donated our hand sanitizers will further expand to a TF team, which includes professionals related to hand sanitizers. The five members, including myself, will work together on a new project soon: a hygiene product business.

- What value do you want to create with Noble Hand?

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are offering hand sanitizers to local merchants and customers for free. Our goal and value is to be a company that can have the same mindset as when we first began the business and return the favor to everyone that has shown us love for the past three years.

- What are some of the various support activities that Bounce Company is currently doing?

Yes, we are making small efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As part of that, Noble Hand is conducting a corporate and civic sharing campaign. Along with the current national campaign of 'social distancing,' hand sanitizers have become a necessity in various government offices, internet cafes, restaurants, and indoor gyms. We believe that hand sanitizers are particularly needed in daycare centers, where cleanliness and hygiene are critically important. Thus, we are actively sponsoring Noble Hand to numerous daycare centers, internet cafe associations, and others in need.

Any upcoming plans?

We are now planning to export “Noble Hand” hand sanitizers to the United States and nations around the EU. That is because a lot of nations including South Korea need hand sanitizers, masks or any hygiene products. Also, we have our product on Amazon, Qoo10 and Rakuten to sell to foreign customers in small amounts.

- Do you have any last words for our readers?

Many people are concerned and struggling with the pandemic. If we support each other with kind words and look after one another, I think the day where we overcome the situation will come and our hearts will be warmed. Bounce Company and Noble Hand will do their absolute best to aid and help fight the virus. Thank you so much.

Currently, Noble Hand is establishing Paratrade.INC branch corporation in LA as a goal to export. Also, Noble Hand got a FDA OTC approved, which proves the usefulness of our product.

The outbreak of coronavirus has rapidly increased interest in personal hygiene control products like masks and hand sanitizers, causing a phenomenon where people can't buy them because of shortage. Some underprivileged people are in desperate need of support because of their economic conditions. Bounce Company and Noble Hand have been continuously striving to spread support and aid in this state of affairs. I wish this dynamic company well in its future endeavors.

Korea Headquarters DUNS


United States Branch DUNS


NOBLEHAND NDC: Ndc # 77866-001-01


Tel: +82-10-7297-8382

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