AB6IX Releases Album Teaser; "Confident For A High Quality Album"
AB6IX Releases Album Teaser; "Confident For A High Quality Album"
  • Seo Hae
    Seo Hae
  • 승인 2019.05.02 18:05
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AB6IX © News 1
AB6IX © News 1

AB6IX further raised expectation for their debut by releasing teaser image for their debut album.

On 29 April, Brand New Music released a mysterious teaser image through the official SNS channels of AB6IX, causing public curiosity.

Brand New Music showed their confidence, making comments that "The title of debut album for AB6IX was confirmed to be 'B:COMPLETE'. 'B:COMPLETE' is an abbreviation of 'BRANDNEWBOYS COMPLETE' and also of 'BE COMPLETE', and as it contains the meanings ‘Brand New Boys whole unity’ as well as 'complete' and 'completed', we promise to meet you with high quality music and performance".

The AB6IX, who are presenting their exclusive reality TV show ‘BRANDNEWBOYS’ via Mnet at 9:30 PM on every Thursday and consist of Im Young Min, Jeon Woong, Kim Dong Hyun, Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi, have released their full unity version of the 'HOLLYWOOD' performance MV on past 26 April and upon confirming their official d-day to be upcoming 22 May started the proper debut countdown.

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