THE BOYZ To Make Guerrilla ‘Comeback’ In April Releasing New Single 'Bloom Bloom'
THE BOYZ To Make Guerrilla ‘Comeback’ In April Releasing New Single 'Bloom Bloom'
  • Seo Hae
    Seo Hae
  • 승인 2019.04.17 17:20
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Cre.ker Entertainment © News 1
Cre.ker Entertainment © News 1

The band THE BOYZ is to make guerrilla ‘comeback’ in April.

Their agency Cre.ker Entertainment announced that "THE BOYZ is to release their second single 'Bloom Bloom' with a title song of same title on upcoming 29 April and start their official activities".

By this THE BOYZ is to make their ‘comeback’ five months after ‘No Air’ which they released in November last year, continuing on the steps of being the very trend.

THE BOYZ also revealed a surprise ‘coming soon’ teaser image for the new single via their official SNS, officializing the guerrilla ‘comeback’ which would take place at the end of April.

'Bloom Bloom' is a ‘romance fantasy’ single full of refreshingness and innocence of the 12 boys, and will contain the heart-fluttering surprise charms of THE BOYZ who has priorly been loved for their powerful performance and music.

In relevance to this ‘comeback’ the officials for THE BOYZ asked for further expectation saying that "It is a new song in which you can encounter the perky ‘boyish sentiment’ of THE BOYZ who are the new k-wave runner about to greet their proper blossoming season. Please look forward to the new transformation of THE BOYZ who are blossoming further upon greeting the spring."

You can check out 'Bloom Bloom' at 6 PM on upcoming 29 April via various online music streaming services.

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