Chen Of EXO On First ‘Solo' Activities; Wrote Lyrics For Track 'Flower' Wishing To Give "Consolation"
Chen Of EXO On First ‘Solo' Activities; Wrote Lyrics For Track 'Flower' Wishing To Give "Consolation"
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    Seo Hae
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SM Entertainment © News 1
SM Entertainment © News 1

Chen from the group EXO released his first solo album, and about his participation in the writing of the lyrics for the track ‘Flower’, revealed that he "wanted the listeners to feel consolations".

At 3 PM on 1 April, Chen held a listening session for 'April, and a Flower’ at the SM Artium located in Samsung Dong, Seoul.

About his first solo album, Chen intoroduced it saying "I released my first solo album 7 years after the (group) debut. I have done singer activities with OSTs too not only with the tracks of EXOs, still, making the music for an album only composed of my own voice, I was harsh to myself".

About writing the lyrics for the track 'Flower', he said "as soon as I listened to the demo I was attracted" and "thought I really wanted to try writing lyrics for this".

Following this, he revealed that "I worked on it with the theme of flower in mind. I wrote the lyrics in the hope that I could be of consolation to those listening and turn scars in hearts into hopes".

In this album a total of 6 tracks were contained as well as the title song, starting from the track ‘Flower’ for which Chen participated in the writing of lyrics and put messages for healing, ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ a song of which mixture of piano and strings stands out’, ‘Love Words’ an urban & soul ballad song which passes consolation to the tired hearts, ‘I’ll Be There’ a song about the wish to stay in the memory of someone for a long time, to finally ‘Portrait of You’ a pop ballad song expressing the missing heart for the beloved.

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