JISOO Of BLACKPINK "Nervous Since Making ‘Comeback’ After 9 Months; Want To Reveal ASAP"
JISOO Of BLACKPINK "Nervous Since Making ‘Comeback’ After 9 Months; Want To Reveal ASAP"
  • Seo Hae
    Seo Hae
  • 승인 2019.04.02 16:37
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Jisoo © News 1
Jisoo © News 1

At 9 AM on 2 April, via the official blog YG Entertainment revealed individual teaser clip of Jisoo from Blackpink for 'KILL THIS LOVE'.

Jisoo revealed her feelings prior to the comeback of Blackpink, saying that she is "nervous since we are making comeback after 9 months" but "excited as I feel that we can be on stage with our fiery song and performance enjoying together with the fans. Love to reveal the stage ASAP".

The Blackpink, who is about to make the comeback on upcoming 5 April with their new EP album ‘KILL THIS LOVE’, is putting their efforts into the preparation of new album activities such as dance practice.

The choreography of ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ has been created by four of world-widely acclaimed choreographers and thus completed as a much more dynamic performance compared to that of previous songs by Blackpink.

In the new EP album by Blackpink, a total of 5 tracks has been included, such as 'KILL THIS LOVE', the sub-title song 'Don’t Know What To Do', 'Kick It', 'Hope Not' and a remix version of 'Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du'.

After the release of ‘KILL THIS LOVE’, on 12 and 19 April Blackpink is to be on stage at 'Coachella Festival', the largest music festival in the USA, then hold a North American tour starting on 17 April from Los Angeles going through 8 performances in 6 cities.

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