BTS Reveals Their New Album Comeback Trailer 'Persona'; RM’s Glamorous Rapping
BTS Reveals Their New Album Comeback Trailer 'Persona'; RM’s Glamorous Rapping
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    Seo Hae
  • 승인 2019.03.28 17:57
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BigHit Entertainment © News 1
BigHit Entertainment © News 1

The group BTS revealed their ‘comeback’ trailer today, starting the countdown for their ‘comeback’.

On 28 March, on their official YouTube channel BTS revealed the comeback trailer 'Persona' for their new album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA’.

In the movie clip revealed, with the intro track 'Persona' of their new album as the BGM the leader RM appears as the star. RM catches eyes, by displaying his glamorous rapping, gestures and unchallenged charisma, unraveling the theme of 'who am I'. The cartoon-ish 2D graphic animation tuned to RM’s gestures as well as the camera angles moving together all pass on the sensuous yet intense atmosphere.

Especially the robot appearing in the movie clip managed to express the persona of RM, through the production of digital humanoid via 3D scanning. Also, a giant moving persona was accomplished with the use of motion capture method and CG technology.

'Persona' is a hip hop song, based on cheerful and ‘rocking’ guitar sounds and hip hop rhythm of the Trap genre. It was created by sampling the beats of the intro song 'Skool Luv Affair' from the ‘Skool Luv Affair’ album released in February 2014.

By the way BTS is to release 'MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA' on 12 April worldwide at the same time, and have their first comeback stage in 'SNL' on the American TV NBC on 13 April (local time).

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