SUNG YEOL Joins Army; "Will Come Back Well; Come Visit Me, Lovelyz"
SUNG YEOL Joins Army; "Will Come Back Well; Come Visit Me, Lovelyz"
  • Seo Hae
    Seo Hae
  • 승인 2019.03.27 14:50
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Sung Yeol's SNS © News 1
Sung Yeol's SNS © News 1

Sung Yeol of group Infinite revealed his feelings before enlisting, saying he "will come back well".

On 26 March, Sung Yeol joined the 37th Division Recruit Training Center located in Jeungpyeong County, North Chungcheong Province. Before enlisting, via his agency Woollim Entertainment, he made comments that he "will come back after serving his duty well" then "I don’t know if the short haircut suits me", laughing.

Then on the topic of girl groups he would like to see, he said "only the one from our company, Lovelyz", making a firm request by the words "Lovelyz, come visit me".

Also on the topic of what he would like to say to the fans, he left the words "I will come back well. Don’t worry and be well yourself".

On the day, two other members of Infinite, Jang Dong Woo and Lee Sung Jong attended Sung Yeol’s enlisting scene, as well as Lee Dae Yeol of Golden Child, his real-life younger brother. L of Infinite, due to filming of the TV series 'One and Only Love' on KBS, and Nam Woo Hyun, due to the practicing schedule of musical ‘The Days’ could not make it.

Prior to this, via his SNS Sung Yeol posted a picture with the writing "Inspirit, I’ll be back. Love you".

In the picture published, Sung Yeol is shown posing with a hand heart and a short haircut.

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