'PRODUCE X 101' To Reveal First Ever 'X1-MA (Pick Me)' Performance Today In 'M Countdown'
'PRODUCE X 101' To Reveal First Ever 'X1-MA (Pick Me)' Performance Today In 'M Countdown'
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    Seo Hae
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Mnet © News 1
Mnet © News 1

Performance of the title song 'X1-MA (Pick Me)' by the global boy group producing project ‘Produce X 101' by Mnet will be unveiled in 'M Countdown'.

In 'M Countdown' which will be aired in the afternoon of 21 March, the first ever performance of 'X1-MA (Pick Me)' will be revealed. For the first time in the Produce series, the voting by national producers was reflected in the selection of ‘center’ for the group song 'X1-MA (Pick Me)', managing to draw more attention. The show draws burning attention of public who are eager to find out who is the ‘center’ of the title song, selected by the other trainees and the national producers.

The title song 'X1-MA (Pick Me)' is based on Gladiator Arena EDM and is an energetic song mixed with glamorous synth and flamenco guitar of Latin feels. As in the title (can be interpreted as ‘don’t’ in Korean), the song contains supportive messages for the trainees with the lyrics of 'po gi ha xi ma (don’t give up)', 'se sang e ji xi ma (don’t be defeated by the world)', 'du ryeo wo ha xi ma (don’t be afraid)', 'son eul noh xi ma (don’t let go of my hand)' and etc in the chorus.

The producers of the show explained that "it is a song which contains our hope for the trainees to not give up on their dreams". With such meaningful lyrics as well as the ear-catching addictive melody in succession to 'Pick Me', 'It’s Me' and 'Nekkoya', the song draws further expectation for its performance.

By the way, the digital track of 'X1-MA (Pick Me)' is to be released at 6PM on 21 March via main online streaming services, and you can check out the performance of 'X1-MA (Pick Me)' by the trainees in ‘M Countdown’ aired also at 6PM on the same day. 'Produce X 101' will premiere at 11PM on 3 May.

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