PARK JI HOON Formerly From Group WANNA ONE, Confirmed To Make Solo Debut On Upcoming 26
PARK JI HOON Formerly From Group WANNA ONE, Confirmed To Make Solo Debut On Upcoming 26
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    Seo Hae
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Maroo Entertainment © News 1
Maroo Entertainment © News 1


The trending singer Park Ji Hoon confirmed his first solo album release.

On 7 March, his agency Maroo Entertainment revealed that "Park Ji Hoon is to release his first solo album via various music streaming services on 26 March."

Park Ji Hoon, who completed his group activities as WANNA ONE in last December and started proper stand-alone, proved his potentials to become the hottiest rookie of the year by successfully completing his fan meeting in last February.


Following that, on 2 March Park Ji Hoon completed '2019 Asia Fan Meeting in Taipei - FIRST EDITION’ held at National Taiwan University Gymnasium in great success, opening the door for his first international tour receiving enthusiastic attention from fans.

In particular, the Bangkok fan meeting in Thailand, the second location for his Asia tour and to be held on 9 March, is also drawing out hot reactions. This fan meeting, which recorded soldout as soon as the ticketing started like in Taiwan, will be extended for one more day on 10 March, due to endless requests from the local fans, now becoming the open door for Park Ji Hoon into his global popularity.

Not only that, love calls for Park Ji Hoon are pouring out from various magazines and commercials. The magazines with Park Ji Hoon as the cover model have recorded soldouts from pre-orders, letting him show off his fan power as the ‘new sell-out’ guy.


Via this solo album, in order to reach the hearts of the public, which charms would be shown off from Park Ji Hoon who has earned recognition for various aspects including both dancing and singing, is the question drawing people’s attention.

Meanwhile, the first solo album from Park Ji Hoon which will be released through various music streaming services on 26 March, can be pre-ordered from 11 March via online stores such as Hot Tracks, Interpark, Synnara, Yes 24 and Aladin.

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