HA SUNG WOON Reveals His Feelings; "First Solo Album And I’m Nervous"
HA SUNG WOON Reveals His Feelings; "First Solo Album And I’m Nervous"
  • Seo Hae
    Seo Hae
  • 승인 2019.02.28 17:11
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Ha Sung Woon from 'Wanna One' revealed his feelings upon the release of his first solo album.

Ha Sung Woon, at the press conference of his first mini album 'My Moment’, which took place at Yes 24 Live Hall in Gwang Jang Dong, Gwang Jin Gu, Seoul in the afternoon of 27 February, greeted the reporters saying "Hi, this is Ha Sung Woon who came back with the first solo album. I heard that another artist is also having a showcase so thank you so much for coming here. Nice to meet you."


Following that he said, "I have never thought of being able to do solo activities so am nervous about doing solo"; then when asked "to the extend that you can’t sleep?", he gave people laughter by frankly answering saying "Nah I slept well".


Ha Sung Woon will start his solo activities with 'My Moment'. He also participated in all recording process ranging from writing and composing to mixing and mastering, in a role of chief producer for the first time.


In this album, five songs including 'Don’t Forget' which was released in January, title song 'Bird', ‘Today.Definitely.Tell', 'Suddenly' and 'Lonely Night' are contained. It will be released at 6PM on 28 February for the first time through music sites.


Ha Sung Woon is from 'Wanna One', and also the main vocal of boy group 'Hot Shot'.

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