JUNG HAE IN To Have A Fan Meeting on 30 March For His Birthday
JUNG HAE IN To Have A Fan Meeting on 30 March For His Birthday
  • Seo Hae
    Seo Hae
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Actor Jung Hae In, will have his second fan meeting in Korea celebrating his birthday.

Jung Hae In will meet his fans on upcoming 30 March, under the title ‘2019 Jung Hae In Fan Meeing – First Love’. This fan meeting with the subtitle ‘Our First Birthday Party’, was arranged in order to reply to the love he received from fans attaining his birthday. Jung Hae In is preparing for a meaningful time with various sections, by proposing ideas himself and getting involved in the planning. He is also prepraing for a variety of events in order to meet fans closely, displaying great affection for this project.

Especially in this fan meeting, Jung Hae In will fill all the hours himself without help of a MC. This is due to his wish to communicate with the fans as closely as possible.

Since the TV Series ‘Something in the Rain’, Jung Hae In had successfully finished fan meetings in and out of Korea. Jung Hae In is also continuing his hard-working career by being casted as pharmacist Yoo Ji Ho in the new TV series ‘Spring Night’ on MBC, after finishing filming of a new movie ‘Yoo Yeol’s Music Album’. Especially in the ‘Spring Night’, he will challange a different acting style with a new character role.

Jung Hae In’s birthday celebrating fan meeting will take place twice at 1 :30PM and 6PM each on 30 March at the Blue Square I Market Hall, and the ticketing will open from 8PM on 6 March via Interpark Ticket.

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