YOON JI SUNG On ‘Weekly Idol’, Makes Surprise Call to LEE DAE HWI Who Made One Of His Album Tracks
YOON JI SUNG On ‘Weekly Idol’, Makes Surprise Call to LEE DAE HWI Who Made One Of His Album Tracks
  • Seo Hae
    Seo Hae
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MBC Every 1 © News 1
MBC Every 1 © News 1


Yoon Ji Sung who made solo debut from the group Wanna One, will be on Weekly Idol.


In the episode of Weekly Idol on MBC Every 1, which will be aired in the afternoon on 27 February, Yoon Ji Sung who made a solo debut with his song "In the Rain" will show off his entertaining talents as well as an emotional live performance.


According to Weekly Idol, in the filming of the show Yoon Ji Sung made a surprise phone call to Lee Dae Hwi who presented him with the album track "Comma", during an interview on the song.

Lee Dae Hwi revealed his motivation for giving him this music present, and the conversation seemed to end with Yoon Ji Sung appreciating him sincerely. However, Lee Dae Hwi, upon hearing Ji Sung’s unusual formal words, evoked a laughter with an younger-brother-like comment saying "I told you, you shouldn’t let people know we are actually not that close."

On top of this, with words suggesting a comeback, Lee Dae Hwi catched ears promising that "if he is back he will be back on Weekly Idol".

You can check out this phone call between Yoon Ji Sung and Lee Dae Hwi which showed their brotherly ties, from Weekly Idol which will be aired on MBC Every 1 and MBC Music at the same time at 5PM on 27 February.

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