New Group TXT from Big Hit Reveals New Concept Photo
New Group TXT from Big Hit Reveals New Concept Photo
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    Seo Hae
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Tomorrow X Together, a new group from Big Hit Entertainment revealed additional concept photo for their debut album.

Big Hit, through the company SNS channel and the official website for Tomorrow X Together, revealed the second concept photo for TXT’s debut album Dream Chapter: Star at midnight on 21 Februaary.

In the group concept photo revealed on the day, Tomorrow X Together shows themselves sitting in a theatre wearing bright color hoodies and blue jeans and posing freely. Illustrations of melted ice cream here and there in the photo brighten the atmosphere further. The concept photo of members revealed gives out the feeling of purity and softness, with them looking at the camera with soft eyes and expressions.

Tomorrow X Together which consists of members Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Hueningkai, will release their debut album on 4 March and make debut performance via ‘Debut Celebration Show’ Special on Mnet. Following that, they will have a debut showcase at Yes 24 Live Hall in Gwangjin Gu, Seoul on 5 March, meeting many fans and spending a meaningful time together.

The name Tomorrow X Together means that ‘you and I of different kinds will gather by one dream and make future together’, and is a bright and healthy idol group in which boys gathered together for one dream and same goal will synergize.

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