'SUZY Look-alike' Japanese Singer YUKIKA Making Debut In Korea
'SUZY Look-alike' Japanese Singer YUKIKA Making Debut In Korea
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Source: Provided By Estimate © News 1
Source: Provided By Estimate © News 1

A native Japanese, who is not a half Korean or Korean resident in Japan, is making her debut in Korea. YUKIKA (26), with her pretty Suzy alike looks is the star.

YUKIKA set her foot in the door to the Korean TV when she passed the audition for the TV series the IDOLM@STER.KR in 2016. Then she was active as a member of the girl group Real Girls Project, and made appearances in TV shows such as Mix Nine on JTBC and a travelogue series Trip to Japan that Japanese Do Not Know on Channel J.

Then here she is, making her debut in the K-pop industry with her first solo album on the 22nd of Feb. Her parents are both native Japanese, but due to her affection to the Korean culture she was able to speak perfect Korean from the time she was younger.

Source: Provided By Estimate © News 1
Source: Provided By Estimate © News 1

The following is the interview with YUKIKA herself.

- You are like a native Korean. Your Korean is really good.

▶ I heard that a lot from the time I was younger. Actually, there were a lot of Korean friends in the area I lived. And because I liked Hangeul, I studied separately and to the degree that I took Korean classes in the university. I could only say basic stuff at the time, but learnt properly for two years since then and became the level I am at now.

- Is there any reason you decided to build career in Korea?

▶ Because I liked Boa seonbae, I became more fond of Korea. When I was in Japan, I heard of the audition for a TV series called the IDOLM@STER.KR, and without hesitation I applied right away. Because I like Korea. I purchased the flight ticket, and that’s when I was 24.

- Did your parents allow that?

▶ Because my mom was a fan of Korean TV series, she gladly allowed me. All my family are into K-wave contents. I have an older sister and she really likes Korea too.

- How do you feel about your solo debut?

▶ I am so happy and excited. To be honest I am anxious too but right now excited more. I feel good.

- If you can introduce your debut song ‘Neon’?

▶ It’s a new-tro. The pop music style in Korea and Japan were similar up to the 80s or early 90s. I put on that feel. The costume concept also gives out the image of Kang Su Ji seonbae.

- How do you know Kang Su Ji?

▶ I like songs, and while preparing for the debut song, I looked up many old songs.

- Could you introduce the song?

▶ It’s a retro-city pop song, that my mom’s generation used to listen and thus familiar with. It would be fresh if we can hear this kind again. Because it is a vintage, might look a little old-fashioned but I hope you could be generous.

Source: Provided By Estimate © News 1
Source: Provided By Estimate © News 1

- I hear you were a voice actress too.

▶ I did voice acting for animation series and games.

- Since you have diverse experience, I think you can be a all-around entertainer.

▶ I want to challenge many things. Firstly I would present myself as a singer, but I would like to appear a lot in entertainment shows too.

- Anything you can show off in such shows?

▶ I eat really a lot. I am fine with spicy stuff too. I want to build my career hard and have a house meal in the shows such as Let’s Eat Dinner Together’ Once I watched people eating delicious food in Amazing Saturday, so I want to be in that too and have delicious food *LOL* At the moment I am managing my weight so my agency is restraining me, but they said it’s ok to eat if it is for the TV show. All the more reason I want to be in eating shows.

- There are many Japanese TV personality working in Korea so anyone you want to be like?

▶ I would like to be like the entertainer Sayuri seonbae. I am also of quite frank personality, so want to be do stuff freely like her in the shows. I also like Twice seonbaes. They are popular overseas, right. I want to be work active like them.

- Anything you like amongst Korean food?

▶ I like Gopchang and Yukhoe. They are so good. I have the taste of an old man.

- What kind of singer would you like to be?

▶ I could be a friendly icon. I would like you to listen to my music and also to feel me as a friendly person.

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