Worldwide Top 5 within a Year, Bibox Burnt over 500 Million BIX Tokens
Worldwide Top 5 within a Year, Bibox Burnt over 500 Million BIX Tokens
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On September 29th Beijing Time, an AI enhanced Digital Asset Exchange has announced that it would carry out the third session of buying back and BIX burning plan. This time, 1,954,452 BIX will be purchased from the secondary market with the market price and will be destroyed. According to the current token price, these BIX worth more than 700 thousand dollars . 

Bibox was established in November 23, 2016, starting at the end of the bull market, erupting during the excesses to the bear market, then accumulating in it. Now Bibox with over 200 million dollars ranks top 10 on CoinMarketCap by 24 hours global trading volume. With the bear market lasts over half a year, cryptocurrency exchanges are facing shuffle situation right now. Lots of small exchanges are fading out from the market. While, Bibox is slowly making a figure. 

To find the reason that why Bibox is able to make a difference in the bear market, Bibox’s co-founder Aries told Golden Finance, the main benefit of Bibox was down-to-earth from the start, committed to creating value for users, and had a solid foundation, even in the “cold winter”. 

Bibox’s rapid development also benefits from its unique vision that always keeps its word to the users. One of the most prominent is the BIX Token, which may have been forgotten by the public, but Bibox has never forgot their promise, to buy back and burn BIX every quarter. The third session of buying-back is done by now. 

In order to increase the scarcity of BIX Token, Bibox promises to use 25% of seasonal net profit to buy back BIX, 1,575,600 BIX for the first session; 2,003,300 BIX for the second session and 1,954,452 BIX for the third session. 

Obtaining Swiss VQF license, setting up Bibox Lab and searching quality projects, debuting GUSD are all proofs of its strength. The “cold winter” is not a nightmare but a starting point, Bibox will continue to work hard in this “cold winter”, meeting all its commitments and growing bigger and stronger.

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