Dawin KS Co., Ltd. entered into a strategic partnership with WinstantPay to completely change the world's settlement market
Dawin KS Co., Ltd. entered into a strategic partnership with WinstantPay to completely change the world's settlement market
  • Jin Yang
    Jin Yang
  • 승인 2018.08.27 22:17
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Dawin KS Co., Ltd. (CEO: Lee Jong-Myung), a specialized company for non-face-to-face FINTECH holding the best technology in the applicable field, including the registration of patent for identifying the forgery/falsification of ID card and a passport announced that it had decided to enter into a strategic cooperative partnership with WinstantPay (CEO: Rob Grantham), a state-of-the art FINTECH trading solution group, and that it had held a signing ceremony at Dawin head office on the last August 24.

(From the left, WinstantPay CMO Warren KIM, CEO Rob Grantham,
Dawin KS CEO Lee Jong-Myung, WinstantPay CTO Herve Lacorne)

Dawin's platform for the settlement by cryptocurrency payment and exchanging is for selling goods or services to an unspecified number of persons without regard to the existence of intermediary, and it is the P2P-based sales model applicable to all Biz areas of existing credit card affiliates including franchise head offices, coffee shops, restaurants, beer pubs, convenience stores, hospitals, real estate brokerage, buying/selling of used articles (cars), and a blockchain-based exchange is under construction to supply a system which enables all the payment, settlement and exchanging in cryptocurrency like bitcoin, Ethereum, DPEC, etc. together with the settlement in cash and card at the stores of small merchants and industrialists, and realize the real-time settlement. However, in case of settlement in cryptocurrency like bitcoin, there is an actual bottleneck that a certain time is required to wait for confirmation.

Through the cooperative work with WinstantPay operating a platform which enables the companies and individuals to make the global settlement immediately anytime and anywhere in all currencies including different kinds of currencies, different kinds of cryptocurrencies, gold while complying with the WORLD KYC (Know-Your-Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), the Company has retained the existing best settlement solution, and in particular, the Company was able to greatly shorten the transfer time through settlement, thus resolving the troubles in the meantime. In addition, CEO Lee could not conceal his joy that the Company was able to jump in advancing into overseas markets.

WinstantPay experienced Dawin's scanner to identity and read the forgery/falsification of ID card and a passport, an automatic door system for adult authentication access control, a kiosk for unmanned loan application, an ID for mobile purpose, a solution to read the passport, and a bitcoin settlement system, etc., and set a high value on Dawin’s technology abilities. WinstantPay CEO also proposed that he would like to spread all these to Cambodia and Thailand, etc. at once.

Dawin’s CEO Lee said, "Unmanned labor is accelerated in all industries due to the increase of minimum wage. There are lots of areas in need of access control for youth for the operation during a specific time or 24 hours, which can be solved by the adult authentication access system developed by Dawin. In addition, if a private blockchain is operated at the unmanned operated store, only the authorized members would be allowed to enter, and the a customer management would be possible based on big data including authority management by member class or by age, mileage management, information on use charge by customer, and customer authentication data."

If so, it would be possible to perform the purchase history management for each customer, share the member information with unmanned stores or near stores by using the blockchain, redeploy the goods in shortage after identifying them with connecting IoT data of vending machines to block chain, solve the labor cost increase, and the unmanned convenience stores operating for 24 hours, etc. are expected to satisfy the needs of shopping customers in one-person household. .

Lastly, CEO Lee felt sorry by saying, "People do not know well or underestimate the benefits and values obtainable from the application of blockchain engine”, and expressed his desire to contributing to the convenience and profit realization by installing the new system for settlement, payment and exchanging at the stores of small merchants and industrialists.



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